Monson Companies operates from two company owned locations in Massachusetts  as well as numerous strategically selected public warehouses throughout the US.

Facilities – Leominster, MA

Monson Companies maintains extensive warehouse facilities in Leominster, MA, which enables us to maintain our commitment to fast, flexible service throughout our geography. Our warehouse capabilities in Massachusetts include 110,000 sq ft of company-managed warehouse space with the following features:

  • a drumming facility, which packages a wide range of products in IBC’s, totes, 55-gallon drums as well as 5-gallon pails.
  • a food-grade room, which is audited annually by the American Institute of Baking (AIB). For seven straight years we have earned a “Superior” rating from the AIB.
  • a state-of-the-art flammable storage facility with blow out panels and foam, fire suppression system.


Monson_Warehouse Leominster
Monson_Warehouse Leominster